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Welcome to Ortho-Byte
We develop and manufacture innovative, high quality orthodontic products with YOU in mind. Nobody can offer you a better product for less, nobody!


Self-Ligating Systems Ortho-Byte offers two different Self Ligating systems: AutonomyÖ Self-Ligating System and Nexus Self-Ligating Passive System. Contact us to get more info about these systems.
Self-Ligating Systems

Ceramic brackets A self-ligating ceramic system or traditional ceramic brackets Ortho-Byte offers exceptional options. When you provide comfort, a natural appearance, and the advantages of a mechanical base, your patients will be able to smile with confidence.
Ceramic brackets

ViperTM Molar Bands...
Choose the Bands or Kits best suitable for your practice and combine them with Single, Double or Triple Tubes. The difference is genuine to the trained eye! Viper Molar Bands

Lingual Orthodontics
We have a complete line of lingual orthodontic products. Contact us to get information on our Progression Lingual Brackets, Lingual buccal tubes, GLX / MLX Lingual Niti Wires, Signature Lingual Pliers and more

Lingual Orthodontics

Product Spotlight

Stainless steel bracketsStainless steel brackets Special hi-tech design and exceptional performance
Wires offers the largest selection of nickel titanium, stainless steel, multi-strandcoil springs and ligatures in more diameters, tempers and packaging choices than any other company.

Pliers and Instruments Learn how technology and performance can
add value to your investments.
HeadgearGo through the
facebows with or
without loops, safety
, the DelAir facemasks, lipábumpers and many more. You'll find a good
selection of headgear products at

Check out our crimpable hooks, stops, bondable buttons and cleats...

Gummy, yummy Elastics...
ElasticsGlowing, lifesaver-colored, revolutionary modules and living, breathing chains... has it all. If you don't see the color you want ask for it!

Why Ortho-Byte?
convenient ordering

Browse our online shop to get a feel for the quality products we offer, or use our product search feature to find a specific item.

timely delivery

When you place an order with us, you will get an e-mail confirming what you ordered, the quantity, and shipping information as well as the total cost.

free shipping

We appreciate that you have chosen Ortho-Byte to purchase orthodontic supplies.  Allow us to say 'Thank you' by offering FREE SHIPPING for all domestic orders above $100!  This also applies to all international orders over $1000.

special programs

To learn more about some of the special programs we offer our customers, please visit our Programs page.

Become a distributor...


We are seeking companies with proven track records to act as our representatives in international markets.

To take advantage of the special programs we offer our distributors, and begin working with a leading manufacturer,
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